How to Remodel an Interior Design with Vintage Ideas

Interior Design with Vintage Ideas

Although modern and minimalist interior designs have many fans nowadays, it doesn’t mean that the old ones are simply ignored. In fact, some people tend to prefer vintage home interior designs and ideas. Different from classic designs that look expensive and glamorous, Vintage ideas design is simpler and more modest. It refers to the home style popular starting from 50’s to 80’s. So, are you interested to apply this idea? Make sure to have some components below to make it vintage for real.

The Nuance of Sweet Pastel for a Modern-Retro Look

Forget bold and firm colors like maroon and brown. Besides, you should also ignore monochrome colors for a while. For the vintage home interior design, some sweet pastel colors must be prioritized. Yes, they are things like pink, baby blue, baby green, cream, and the likes. Those ideas can be applied to the furniture, wallpaper, and decorations. It looks girly and too feminine indeed. But when the idea has been combined with other vintage components, it seems that the home interior is great to be lived in by anyone.

Modern-Retro Look
Modern-Retro Look

The Application of Retro Furniture

Sure, playing with colors is not enough. If you want the interior design to be totally vintage, you should not miss out on this one. It is the application of retro furniture. In contrast with modern furniture that is designed as minimalist as possible, retro furniture is focused on curvy accents on some parts. to know how the furniture looks like, you can play poker online or watch movies with a particular setting like in the 50’s or 70’s. You should not worry since there are many stores that provide that kind of furniture.

Floral, Striped, and Checkerboard Prints

If modern and minimalist interior design is focused on the plainness and simplicity, the vintage design is in contrast with it. Certain patterns are often applied whether they are floral, striped, plaid, or even checkerboards. They are used as wallpaper and furniture cover. Interestingly, the application of those patterns will not make the room look stuffy and complicated. Sure, it is because vintage rooms are also dominated by pastel and creamy colors.

Checkerboard Prints
Checkerboard Prints  Vintage Ideas

Photo Frame Decorations

There is a kind of decoration that fully represents the vintage or retro style. It is the application of many photo frames on the wall. You should not only buy one or two frames anyway. If it is possible, you need more to be hung on the wall in rows. To deepen the sense of vintage, try to print some photos with classical filters. It can be black and white or Sephia. Well, it is just like what your grandparents have in the old days.

Vintage Fixture

In a home interior design, there are more elements to have. One of them is a set of fixtures and functional accessories like a table lamp, a chandelier, a clock, and more. Sure, they must be in the retro or vintage style also. Yes, a retro chandelier should be full of details anyway. But it still must have some curvy details to make it less minimalist.

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